Did you know there is a formula to go viral?

Most people don’t know that there is a formula for everything we do. In terms of going viral, it’s about watch time, quality, and emotion. It’s that simple!

The first 3 seconds of your video is the biggest factor.. and we mastered this. 

Why us?

Tik Tok ranks as the second-biggest app in, consumer spend, above youtube, Netflix, Disney+.

Tik tok is #1 growing platform up 380% just this year. Take advantage of what we like to call “The Gold Rush” of the internet it is vital to your growth as a brand.

In some cases, 60-70% cheaper CPM’s and great traffic quality, and users from all walks of life, ages, demographics, and technological backgrounds.

Couple that with the creative capabilities and the unlimited ways in which you can showcase your products.

In make more money...THAT’S WHY TIKTOK.

What Do We Offer?


We provide campaign management for TikTok advertising for eCommerce brands. We help established brands go from spending zero on TikTok to scaling to $50-200k a month through creative testing and data-driven decision-making.


At Viralyacht we work closely with trained UGC creators who deliver top-quality content on a weekly basis. Our in-house media buyers consult and guide our creators on the latest trends within our client's industry.

Case Studies?

The Problem

So, with costs to acquire customers rising, iOS14 causing massive crater size holes in attribution, ad optimization and data tracking our client came to us with a problem, the days where they could acquire customers for pennies on the dollar were gone, and they needed a solution that would reduce their costs and do it FAST.

The Solution

So, leveraging their brand name and reputation with over 1M followers on Instagram we realised that a lot of their customers were creating content for them on a daily basis, showing off their products, and posting these videos on TikTok, a good number of which were generating hundreds of thousands of views.

See where we’re going with this?

By taking this content and leveraging TikTok’s creative center to then create content briefs specifically for the purpose of TikTok Ads by spying on what competitors and other DTC successes were doing on the platform, we created a process for producing content fast and getting that content onto TikTok as paid ads even faster.

By leveraging TikTok’s machine
e-learning and targeting capabilities, which quite frankly, beat Facebook any which way you look at it, we were able to get these ads in front of the right audience, in this brand’s case 18-35 year old Females.

The Result?

A whopping 50% drop in cost of acquisition

TikTok overtaking Google Shopping in terms of conversions in their marketing mix

Consistent Conversion Flow

Successfully Diversifying Spend

$491,563 / £364,847 in Revenue in the last 30 days

UGC Examples

Are you ready to go viral?

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